Hello Nuvo has a pedigree in sonic fidelity and a love for entertaining, they leave their audiences amazed. At inception the vision was clear. Look great, sound great, and put on a dynamic show with non-stop energy. Each member of Hello Nuvo brings their unique talent to each and every stage. And the musical diversity is jaw dropping. From the music of the 50’s to today’s dance, pop, rock and R&B, they are your Ipod come to life. Hello Nuvo understands the pacing and business involved in entertaining. They have played every hotel, casino, club, and festival stage around. So they understand the ever-fluctuating environment per venue. They are able to change on the fly to suit the demographic and audience make up. One look and listen and you’ll see why countless professionals count on Hello Nuvo for their entertainment. One thing Hello Nuvo holds sacred is playing the songs you love authentically. People want to hear the songs they’ve grown to love the way they’ve grown to love them. With original transitions/medleys and mash-ups, it’s fresh and energetic every performance -- yet as a whole -- you get to listen, sing, and dance to your favorite songs the way you remember them. Delivering a high-energy, fun, live musical experience is what you’ll get every time. You won’t want to leave the dance floor. Whether it’s a nightclub, a festival, a special event or the most important night of your life, you want Hello Nuvo there as your musical tour guide.